Specialist Services provides a complete range of engineered pressure control solutions to safely manage the pressure barrier in the well, ensure wellbore integrity and drill more efficiently with reduced risk and greater borehole stability. We take an engineered approach to assess anticipated drilling conditions and align our solutions with the needs of each well and our customers’ performance objectives.

UBD and MPD Packages and Trailer Packages
We offer a one-stop-shop for surface mounted equipment for UBD / MPD packages. Our product range includes choke manifolds, vertical separators, mud / gas separators, 4 phase separators, pump skids, metering skids, piping packages, flare packages, workshop and control cabins and power distribution skids. In line with client operational boundaries, we provide standard UBD / MPD packages for flexible well conditions.

Complete packages can be trailer or skid mounted depending upon site requirements, for onshore and offshore operation. These are built as per the most rigorous oilfield industry standards as well as being NACE MR 0175 and ISO 15156 compliant, suitable for hazardous areas operation.

Our in-house engineering and manufacturing resources give us the capability to provide highly engineered packages right from process, mechanical, structural, electrical and instrumentation, designed to withstand high H2S and CO2 conditions.

Mud Tank Systems
As an industry leader in the design, fabrication and manufacturing of Mud Tanks we have decades of experience in serving production, drilling and offshore companies around the world. Specialist Services proprietary Mud Tanks are designed to assist with proper solids control and can be customised to project specifications and functional requirements. We regularly supply 500BBL trailer mounted tanks to various oil field service companies worldwide.

Drilling Manifolds
Specialist Services Drilling Manifolds are usually designed for pressure ratings between 5,000psi and 15,000psi or more when required, and with various DNV certified skid configurations, NACE MR 0175 / ISO 15156 and API 6A compliant. Drilling Manifolds are supplied integrated with multi-station ESD systems that permit closure during testing operations and in response to an emergency this also allows remote and simultaneous control of the flow line valve on the flow head and surface safety valve.

Download our Drilling, Testing, Production and Process Packages brochure for more information about our Drilling products range.

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