Specialist Services Well Testing Equipment is designed to suit the complete range of API Crude with the most stringent specifications. Our design not only includes process and mechanical design but also the operability, accessibility, maintainability, quality, integrity and safety of the equipment and environment around it.

Our Well Testing equipment includes:

Water Bath Heaters and Steam Heat Exchangers
We provide various types of Water Bath Heaters and Steam Heat Exchangers developed for a variety of pressure and temperature ratings.

Our standard range of Separator products is equipped with all the necessary ancillaries for safe, controlled and reliable continuous operation. Find out more…

Specialist Services Tanks vary in size and specifications depending on specific use and requirements. Our Tanks range includes Gauge Tanks, API Storage Tanks (12F and 650), Frac Tanks and Surge Tanks.

Burner Heads, Burner Booms and Flares
Our Burner Booms are typically manufactured in one, two or three sections with lengths varying from 30’, 60’ to 90’, however longer booms can be designed and manufactured based on client specific requirements for both horizontal and vertical racking.

High Pressure Piping
High Pressure Pipe Spools (of up to 15,000psi) fabrication is carried out based on client requirements with hammer unions, API 6A flanges and mounted in certified DNV baskets.

Oil and Gas Diverter Manifolds
We design and manufacture various types of Manifolds that divert oil or gas without flow interruption from the separator to burners, to a tank for measurement or storage, or to a production line.

Steam Boilers
Due to their design and configuration, Specialist Services Boilers deliver the best possible conditions for meeting specific client requirements in a broad range of applications.

Knock Out Drums
Specialist Services Knock Out Drums are available in different sizes and with pressure ratings from 1440psi to 2160psi, based on flow requirements, and are mounted in certified skids.

Sand Management Packages
Specialist Services manufactures up to 15K Sand Management Packages required at different process stages based on sand separation efficiency and sand particle distribution.

Trailer Mounted Packages
Specialist Services standardised well testing Trailer Mounted Packages range includes 5K / 10K Process Trailer (goose-neck, low bed), 5K / 10K Process and Utility Trailer, Utility Trailer (20’/30’/40’), Rectangular / Cylindrical Storage Tank and Frac Tank (500BBL / 600BBL). Find out more…

Download our Drilling, Testing, Production and Process Packages brochure for more information about our Well Testing Equipment.

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