Skid Packages

Onshore and offshore oil fields, often located in remote areas with harsh geographic and climatic conditions, also happen to require large quantities of electrical power. On site power generation, transmission and distribution is required in order to provide power to a wide range of equipment and processes. Specialist Services partners with some of the world’s leading electrical solution providers helping oil fields take up the power challenge. We have designed, engineered and manufactured Electrical Power Skids for industry leaders to provide reliable and efficient power on site through innovative and environmentally sound methods.

Be it Substation Modules or Electrical Skids, Specialist Services skid packages are complete integrated solutions that are manufactured and tested at our yard for installation in remote locations. Integration of Transformers within our Skid Packages are a common requirement and something that we have successfully achieved on several high profile projects for O&G clients.

Dependent upon the installation location, Skid Packages may require characteristics such as Certified Fire Rated Walls, be required to operate in an atmosphere that demands ATEX certification or have specialist HVAC requirements. All of these solutions form part of our core product offering in which construction methodologies are prior type approved.

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