Trailer Mounted Packages


With the modularised, integrated solution concept developing within the oil and gas industry, trailer mounted solutions are fast becoming a go to answer when site access is problematic. The advantages that a Trailer Mounted Package brings such as a ‘plug and play’ capability on site, ease of scalability, reductions in manpower and resources on-site, and shorter turnaround time for mobilisation and demobilisation, have made these completely integrated and tested mobile units a sought after solution.

Specialist Services capability of providing a complete integrated solution is based on our engineering expertise in Structural, Architectural, Electrical and HVAC disciplines and our manufacturing capabilities. These include Structural Fabrication for Blast Rated walls/doors/modules, in-house architectural solutions for Fire Rated Buildings for both onshore and offshore applications, GRP fabrication and testing of modules to the most stringent standards. We can also further work with you to standardise solutions that can reduce a project’s lead time, thus enabling you to establish a competitive differentiator.

With over 33 years of experience in designing Trailer Mounted Packages you can rely on Specialist Services to provide a solution that is cost effective and easy to integrate into your project.

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