G4 Series


G4 Series

G4Our G4 modules are the latest in the line of a continuous improvement programme which offers significant advantages in ergonomics, reliability and certification. Two years of research have culminated in world beating specifications that allow for operation globally with the minimum of downtime. In the harshest environments of the oilfield market this product will provide the ultimate in ease of reliable operations with the highest levels of safety, protecting our clients and reducing their costs of ownership in the process.

New developments in our operational systems have been put through extensive testing and have only been implemented if providing significant improvements to performance. For instance, solid state flow monitors cut out calibration requirements and new HVAC systems allow for diagnostic testing, while adding operational reliability and new ergonomics improve the feel of the module whilst reducing the need for operator interaction.

G4 Global – World’s first globally compliant modules

G4 GLOBALOur new G4 Global is on the cutting edge of global certification requirements providing all the above advantages of the G4 but with worldwide approvals from all major certifying bodies. Currently this is the only module to have the four major certifications in one package:

  • DNV 2.7-2 to comply with most oil companies own standards
  • ATEX to comply with European law
  • IECEx for all other areas outside the United States jurisdiction
  • ABS / USCG to NFPA 496 for all North American waters

For the first time a multi-national company can manage a global fleet of modules that will not be restricted to a region and can be moved to meet demands when it is required.

Available for sale and hire

Our G4 and G4 Global modules are available for both sale and hire and can be outfitted and modified to perform any number of functions to suit your specific project requirements.

Contact us today for further information about the G4 and G4 Global.

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