Marine Certified Accommodation


We take safety very seriously and therefore all our modules are built to the latest marine requirements using IMO Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) as the primary guideline but also using other guidelines such as Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) or individual Flag statutes dependent upon client requirements. With 33 years of experience in the industry, Specialist Services is ideally placed to advise our clients on a number of solutions to fit their specific accommodation requirements. Whether you require lightweight, multi-storied, cantilevered, hazardous / safe area, J, H or A class, arctic / tropical adapted, full living quarter complexes or single modules, we have the experience and knowledge to create and provide the answer.

Whilst we offer customised, individually engineered solutions, we also have a standard range of modules for a faster delivery. These are based on ISO 20ft, 40ft and 45ft containers and come in a range of layouts. Many of these can be bought from stock and provide a flexible solution as they can be combined into larger complexes, ideal for rigs and vessels.

Specialist Services standard range of modules includes:

  • Accommodation modules
  • Galley modules
  • Dining modules
  • Laundry modules
  • Office modules
  • Reefer modules

Additionally, a standard design of walkways and stairs can be purchased for easy access to these modules.

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