Safe Area Land-Based Modules


If you are looking for non-hazardous area use but require highly mobile and rugged units primarily for land based use, then we can produce a full design in conjunction with you. Usually based on our hazardous area designs, all units are custom made but can be constructed using either standard shipping containers or bespoke steel construction. The goal is to engineer these modules to be efficient and strong.

Specialist Services range of Safe Area Land-Based Modules includes:

•    Measurement While Drilling (MWD)
•    Directional
•    Super Combo (Wireline / Muddlogging and MWD)
•    Mudlogging
•    Coring
•    Surface Testing
•    Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT)
•    Doghouses
•    Laboratories
•    Workshops
•    Wireline / Slickline

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