Engineering Modules


Specialist Services Engineering Modules are manufactured in house to the highest industry standards. All units are designed to optimise workspace efficiency, meet environment and acoustic requirements and house your specialist equipment and resources in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our Engineering Modules can be outfitted and modified to perform any number of functions to suit your specific project requirements. We have a full range of A60 offshore office units in stock including 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 20ft, 30ft and NORSOK units.

Global Compliance
ATEX, IECEx, USCG, CE Marked, CSC, DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7.2, EN 12079, A60, NORSOK

Dimensions and Weight

Unit                      Dimensions (in mm)             Tare Weight

30’ Unit     9,000 (L) x 3,000 (W) x 2,726 (H)     13,000 kg
20’ Unit     6,058 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,591 (H)       7,800 kg
16’ Unit     4,875 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,591 (H)       6,400 kg
14’ Unit     4,260 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,591 (H)       6,000 kg
12’ Unit     3,645 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,591 (H)       5,800 kg
10’ Unit     3,048 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,591 (H)       4,800 kg

Features and Benefits

•    Detection and alarm system with Control Pressurisation, Fire and Gas detection (CPFG) panel with all ancillary items for Zone I use
•    Includes H2S and HC gas detection, smoke detection, manual call point, pressurisation fan, loss of pressure and flow devices
•    2 split type AHU inline A/C system developed by Specialist Services to condition incoming pressurised air (hot, humid and cold) for Zone I use
•    A60 Fire Dampers
•    A60 window and A60 escape hatch (800mm x 800mm) are provided as per DNV 2.7-2 requirement
•    Sprinkler head and piping can easily tie in to rig sprinkler system
•    Fitted with non-combustible B15 wall panels to ensure high thermal resistance and superior noise reduction
•    Easy access for all serviceable equipment for swift maintenance
•    CO2 fire extinguisher provided
•    Non-porous top, stone epoxy desktop provided, easy to clean, stain resistant and impermeable to most chemicals

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