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From minor upgrades to full strip down and refurbishment

Working in conjunction with major drilling contractors and asset operators, Specialist Services provide extensive rig accommodation repair throughout the industry sector with full turnkey service, from minor works and upgrades to full refurbishment of existing living quarters and technical buildings.

These refurbishment services include replacements and upgrades of structural and architectural finishes, HVAC systems, electrical systems, fire and gas, telecommunication systems and all other replacements and upgrades that comply with the latest industry standards and offshore class regulations.

Typical areas designated for offshore refurbishment include:Offshore Refurbishment - plan example

  • Accommodation units
  • Offices and conference rooms
  • Recreation areas
  • Galley and cold / freezer rooms
  • Mess rooms and restaurants
  • Medical suites, sick bays and hospitals
  • Workshops
  • Wet rooms
  • Corridors

We offer a complete and comprehensive solution for clients who wish to increase the life-span of their current fleet. With vast experience in design, manufacture and regulatory compliance requirements for oilfield equipment, we have dedicated in-house management and execution teams at our premises in Dubai and Aberdeen.

The benefits

Main benefits of offshore refurbishment services include:Offshore Refurbishment - plan example 2

  • Increased life-span of your current fleet
  • Providing more comfortable living and working environments for your employees
  • Complete refurbishment execution offshore
  • Upgrades for your current fleet
  • Improved performance and functionality
  • Changes in unit’s functionality
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Dedicated offshore teams

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience we work with our customers by adding value to ageing assets, prolonging asset life and improving living accommodation facilities for offshore personnel. In addition to standard refurbishment, we can offer ATEX and CE marked upgrade packages on existing DNV 2.7-2 certified products to ensure that your fleet can be utilised on a global scale.

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